Why wait? There is no question that SportChassis has what it takes to hold the road. 

Whether you're hauling across town or across the country, SportChassis trucks have the power you need and the safety and comfort you deserve to get the job done. Though a SportChassis resembles an 'over the road' truck, it is considered a Class 5 vehicle, requiring no special license.

Each truck features a proprietary hauler style bed designed to be just as rugged as you are. The hauler bed design is completely fabricated from scratch in our 293,000 square foot facility in Oklahoma utilizing CNC precision equipment and our team of talented men and women to create a truly remarkable and long-lasting product. SportChassis is unique among other manufacturers because SportChassis is a licensed OEM completion company. This means there is no middle-man between you and your vehicle and we're not another cheap conversion.

Our engineers in conjunction with Freightliner engineers ensure that our designs have been vetted to the highest safety and performance standards. No matter what you decide to pull down the road, a SportChassis makes sure you can get where you need to go. Our luxury interiors, award-winning design, and dynamic acoustical environment make sure that getting there is more than half the fun.

The Chassis

Beginning with the Freightliner M2 Business Class Chassis, adding top-notch materials and craftsmanship, and following up with outstanding customer service is what really takes a chassis to a SportChassis. Safety, security, and style all start with the foundation. Powered by the Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines, the Business Class M2 106 and 112 chassis delivers the strength and performance you need to maximize productivity day in and day out. The 55-degree wheel cut provides outstanding maneuverability in tight urban situations and provides a functional, safe and stylish way for you to take care of business.

The Interior

Interior Features (header)
Spacious luxury class crew cab
No CDL required
Excellent visibility from the cab
Leather wrapped steering wheel
Air-ride premium leather seating
Power window and door lock controls
In-motion Wi-Fi
Rear observation
In-motion satellite
Lay down rear sofa
Marine grade carpet
USB power ports 115-volt
power outlet
Keyless entry
Remote start available
Multi-media entertainment system
Smart connect touch screen stereo